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So I have a few wine jugs. Know as Dame Jeanne where I live. 06112012%20(121).JPG


Now I've sold a few. But I basically can't get rid of them. So now I'm thinking that they might be useful in the shop. I just don't know quite how. Maybe cut it in half to use as a water bucket?


What would you do with a couple of these guys? Or do I just throw them in the garden?

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Well my first instinct was to suggest making wine but that's already been covered. So, how's about making a steel holder that pivots for easy pouring?


THEN make some wine darn it!


Frosty The Lucky.

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If they are plastic, chop off the tops at the shoulder. Turn the tops upside down and replace, stick in place with tape or glue.

Add some watter with some honey,jam,sugar added and use as a wasp trap.

Either use as they are or invert and hang up with a bit of wire or string.

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LastRonin. I live in Quebec Canada. A little far from alabama in my opinion  :D. And these are big btw. about 2 1/2 feet tall. Solid thick glass. 


I appreciate all of your mead recipes hahaha. I might make some for friends but I'm sober so it won't be much use for me  :lol:

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Yves, this chap is somewhere near you, any traditional suggestions?

The only traditional suggestion, of course, is to make wine in them. That's what they are for. It's pretty difficult to be creative with them.

  • Being of glass, I cant see a use for them in the forge. Unless slung in the rafters and dripping water... or wine for the tired blacksmith;
  • Being of impressive size, an impressive sculpture could be made to use them as lamps in a park or in a garden;
  • Another impressive sculpture for a stand to  install a terrarium in one. You could probably get a python in there;
  • Sell them to people who make boats in bottles, they coud build a tempest;
  • Again a stand but this time with a kettle tilter for one of those vicious highly alcoolized punches you serve in those family parties you always regret to have thrown... ;
  • He could also use one as a bottle you throw in the sea, you know, with a message : you put youre message in there, drive up to Rimousky, that would be sufficient, wait for an outgoing tide and throw the bottle in there. You are sure that youre message will be found way ahead of those of the guys who only had a wee botlle of rhum to entrust their message to;
  • They could also be used to grow an expensive but spectacular orchid ;
  • Again a lamp a bessy lamp with an infinite supply of oil, whale oil. Two in fact to make those non drippping bessy lamps...

Ok, so I'm no use...


I would give one to my girlfriend who is always making alcool from... definitely these things are made for those who imbibe...



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They're actually quite artistic in themselves. What about forging some kind of holder for them so they can stand inverted and some sort of uniquely craft dripping system for the garden. They'd prolly sell at 10x the price. People blow tons of money on unique stuff for their gardens.

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