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custom sheet metal, a diffrent kind of question

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so, I have a project I've become involved in and I have a problem.  I've been assigned the task of taking some steel from a specific source, and find a way to render it down into sheet metal in the 18-ish gauge range.   The problem i'm not really working with enough material to deal with a large rolling mill, and I'm hoping the great folks that inhabit the world of hammers and forges might be able to steer me in the right direction.  And i'm not really totally sure of the quantities yet...Pounds at least,  100's of pounds possibly.  If it works out it could be an ongoing project. 


Any help you guys can give me would be fantastic, thank you.

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Starting size of the material, thetype/grade of steel, and finished sizes (width and length, not just thickness) required may be some help in determining methods to use and the facilities/tooling needed,

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Stop blocks on your powerhammer if it's not too wide---make a hollow sq of material the correct height and bend it in a channel to fit the lower die of the hammer leaving a gap to push metal through.


Why all the extra work most commonly used metals come already to convenient sizes.

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