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In this day and age of Homeland Security it just ain't a good idea to walk along the rails let alone stoop over and pick up loose anything along the right away. There was a zealous railway policeman in one small community that was arresting folk for using their traditional shortcuts across the tracks to visit friends, go shopping and to school. The local sheriff and courts got feed up with kind of crap and asked for a less zealous man to be put on the job or at least one with a speck of common sense. The locals were three hours in either direction from anywhere and knew enough to call if they saw a stranger messing with the tracks. They knew they weren't the problem with terrorism but sure thought the railway policeman was. You can get in a heap of trouble scrounging up RR spikes, a friend of mine got some rather hefty fines for doing that, lucky for him he is now deceased so it don't matter that he ended up on the no fly list and is flying with the heavenly host. I think you can buy new spikes from Carr/McMaster and that'd be a cheaper than a government fine. If you live in the Phoenix area I got some old trolley track you can have if you just gotta have some rail for an anvil, PM me.

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