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I Forge Iron

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This is a table i Built this week. Pretty simple design, dose not require much smithing skills but that is what makes it beautiful.


the top is a 3" walnut slab distressed with logging chain, hammer, and what ever else was with in reach

legs are 1" square stock with a hammer texture and a 6" detail using hot chisle work and a quarter twist

shelf is 1/2" square stock also textured.

I like to leave a bunch of scale on the anvil as it adds another texture in addition to the hammer blows.

I installed some flat stock and forged some spikes that i drove through the wood and the flat stock and them welded them on the underside of the slab.


All the labor was in forging the texture and wire wheeling the scale off.


I got the slab of walnut for $60 and the iron was all at a local salvage yard that cost me $20 my labor was around 17 hours.



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I like to leave a bunch of scale on the anvil as it adds another texture in addition to the hammer blows.

 I like to do this a lot too. 

At first, I thought is was just me not paying attention to details like brushing frequently (which it probably was), but then as I started to really pay attention to keeping the piece clean of scale, I realized I like the texture that scale gives.

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Looks great, the leg detail is nice in such a simple piece, adds a little pizzaz! I also include the scale with most of my pieces, my customers really want it to look handmade, not like in times past where people wanted things to look factory perfect. keep up the good work!

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