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I Forge Iron

Hello from the Isle of Man


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The name is Chris, over the past few months I have been looking to build a furnace for forging and casting. I have a keen interest in the Celtic and Viking history of the Island and would like to start making some replicas of their tools/weapons using (as much as possible) locally sourced materials.

You will mostly find me asking silly questions in the furnace areas as I finalize my design, then off to the other sections, I will use the search function as much as possible ;)


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Isle of Man, that's one of those kinda self governing, part of, not part of GB, right? So you want a furnace that you can forge from and cast from? When I started blacksmithing I was doing only bronze casting and while I was waiting for the metal to melt I got to messing around with steel and banging on the concrete slab with a ball peen hammer. With the melting furnace I used a lot of gas, not real practical for smithing but it got your metal hot right now but was pretty expensive compared to coal. After I quit casting bronze I still used the melting furnace to heat really thick pieces of steel but not all that often, mostly just used my coal forge, a slower gentler heat more suitable to my style of work. You could still use a propane gas forge to melt small amounts of bronze in a crucible, they do get hot enough but they wouldn't be suitable for large amounts. And before I forget, welcome to the forums.

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