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Whitetail hidden tang finished up

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Forged this out a few weeks ago.  I posted a couple pics of the forged blade in rough forged shape with bevels ground in.  I got it finished up and thought I would share some pics.  The blade was forged from 1095.  It has a 3/4 flat grind with the forging marks left in the flats and the ricasso area.  Blade has a scotchbrite satin finish.  Kind of a spear point design on the blade.  Brass guard, silver soldered on.  Black vulcanized spacers with copper spacers alternating filed into the brass guard.  Whitetail antler from here in the Ozarks pinned on with a 3/32 brass pin.  I used Devcon 2 ton epoxy inside the antler.  I left the crown on the antler to give it a old timey look.  I really like the way it turned out and it feels real good in your hand.  Let me know what you guys think!





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I like it.....the materials,finish,blade design.If it were me though,I would not have left a space between the blade and the guard.I just think it would look cleaner with the blade flush with the guard.Thanks for the photos!

Thanks.  Everybody likes something a little different.  I have done them flush with the guard before and I really don't like the look.  I like it seperated myself.

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Love the handle and brass and black cross guard. The fit and finish on the handle assembly is great. The partial finish on the blade doesn't match the super clean look of the handle. It's still a nice looking knife.

Thank You!  Yeah the forging marks left in it give it a more primitive look.  That's what the customer wanted so that is what he got.

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