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I got lucky today! I've been going to my favorite junkyard (don't ask) for decades an about one trip in 20 or so turns up something good (I once got a #2 diacro bender for $35 for instance). I'm usually on the hunt for something big but today this little jem caught my eye. It was in a space set aside for ''sellable'' brass and copper stuff fished out of the tons of scrap non ferrous they bring in.......

It's REAL. A miniture repousse on a  22ga piece of copper x7 3/4'' x 10''. It looks to be a Chinese calander motif with all sorts of things,animals, and people in the mix. The detail is so tiny it must have taken someone months to do...I'll post close ups when I get home.


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"Workmanship of certainty begins with workmanship of risk."


author David Pye, "The Nature and Art of Workmanship"

Well it's not all that bad after all...My friend David Norrie replied to my FB post on this and said he
had an ''identical''piece like mine which I took to mean it was
manufactured. It is not. It's real repousse as his is and they both have
the same motif, characters, size and so on but they are done totally by
hand. He bought his in Boulder CO at the ''Tibetan Store'' 6-7 years
ago. Somewhere in Asia there are highly skilled craftsmen cranking these
things out (I would go mad after a few)but I imagine or rather hope
they do one of a kinds as well. Gone are my dreams of having it
appraised at an antique dealer but I still really like it.... B)

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