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Torchmate Plasmacam not cutting

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Hello all! I'm not sure if this is the right section for this or of it should go in the Problem Solving section? Move the thread to the correct section if it needs to be.

My Metals Lab teacher got a Torchmate Plasmacam(pretty sure that is its name)2x2. It's taken almost a year to get it going.
One kid was able to get it cutting(after spending hours with tech support on the phone). My teacher(or someone else, or it just happened somehow) somehow messed up the settings and it won't cut now.
Friend of mine and the teacher were finally able to get into the program and get it to move about the lines of the image, but it doesn't cut and the air cooling is sparatic(sometimes on, then goes off).

If anyone can give some ideas to why it's doing this is much appreciated!

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I have a 2X2 and have spent alot of time with tech support learning how to operate it. The main reason I bought the machine was because of the reputation of their tech support. Don't be affraid to ask what you think are silly questions. If you don't know just ask and they will help the best they can. When you get it back up and running make flow chart to read and post with the machine for programing so there is no more guessing.

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I have owned both a plasmacam and a torchmate cnc machines.   From what you are describing you have a torchmate cnc machine. Plasmacam and torchmate are two separate companies. 


Open up the flashcut cnc software.  you can do this offline.


select the "configuration menu".   In the configuration drop down menu select "Output lines."   A new screen will come up... select "output lines" again.  I do not know which output you are using to turn on the plasma cutter.  For example I am using output line two and I named it "Plasma On."


Now under the same category menu select "code definitions"    M50 is plasma on setup.    to the right I set delay to 2sec.  this will depend on thickness of metal for pierce cut.    Since I am using line two to trigger my plasma cutter I put a 1 for line 2 in the M50 line.



Try this and get back to me.

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