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I Forge Iron

My new (and rather humble) setup

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Pics attached.


I just recently completed a brake rotor based forge. A hairdryer is used as a bellows. For now I am getting by with a small ASO, but I just got some 3/8 mild steel plate that I plan to use as an anvil.



Does anybody have any suggestions or comments that might help me fine tune my setup?



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Water in the ash dump bucket to coolhot embers would be a plus.  You might want more of a table to hold coals and if your like me several peices to the thing I am working on.  A blacksmith helper to hold long bars in the fire.  A thick chunk of steel even if it is just mild steel with as heavy a weight as you can get and move around would be a good place to start with for a simple anvil.  Firmly attach it to the stump for added weight and to keep it from dancing around on you as you work.  A forge rag might be a handy thing to have.   If your standing when forging you might want a taller stump to work off of to keep your back intact. 


A lot of what your going to find is tailoring it to the way you work.  So start making things and think about how you can improve it to make it better for you.  everyone is so different. 

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A little larger table top for forge with a bit of sides to to it would help contain hot coals and coke.... When you want to adjust fire or tear down fire you really have no surface to drag coals to.... And no sides to keep hot coal from falling on ground or your foot.....Its not realistic to think "fire" is going to stay in "fire pot"....

Admire you attempt to get something going.... But you need to feed that anvil something, looks like its shrinking or starving....

Only place to go is forward....


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