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Aaron J. Cergol

Un-plugging a Pritchel hole

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Guys i have saved alot of engines from the scrap with stuck cast iron pistons and all i have ever used was brake fluid that was a trick an old timer that worked for john deere taught me it will creep into places penetrating oil wont and its inexpensive

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If it's only rusted it place then I'd suggest using vinegar to break it free.

I had a cast iron clinker breaker with a steel screw firmly rusted in. After soaking it in vinegar for a couple of days, I was able to unscrew it with my fingers.

You may have to cork the underneath side of the prichell hole to keep the vinegar from leaking out.
and of course it seems like a good idea to try to drive it out from the bottom side.

Pros and cons:
Pros.. it worked for me.
it won't make it worse.

Cons .. Vinegar plus rust comes up with a hellac1ous stink.

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