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this is the first time ive done one of these. Ive made the "knapped steel" before so i tried my hand at one of these. the body is made from a chilean hardwood. it has a brass loop hole and domed brass inserts. i hand stitched the leather onto the handle and finished it with some braided leather. Thanks for looking.




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What is your method for the knapped steel look. I did something similar for my spear head but I like the results of yours.


Take a look here one of the best done .





it is the neck knife how to do knapping of Steel .



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Sorry for the late reply. I forged the point first to a rough shape. Then I used a 1/2" band file belt sander from harbor freight( this is one of the best tools I've purchased from harbor freight). I actually followed the tutorial above to make knapped steel originally. I heat blued it and coated it with beeswax to finish it.

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