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First ram's head and ram's head knives


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I had some time yesterday and today to practice some traditional blacksmithing and do something I've always wanted to try - ram's heads.

They're all scrap mild steel, forged out in my backyard propane setup. 


Here's all of em together.


My very first!


Letter opener (for myself of course, gotta save that early work!)


And a proof of concept knife that's really just a copy of one I saw at Owen Bush's... but his was damascus and a whole lot prettier.



It was so much fun I think I'm going to make the tools needed to forge it all - you guys can probably tell I cheated with power tools.

And, as always, critique and comments are welcome,


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Hello again Theo; Here is one that delaminated. I think it was from working the steel to cold. This was one of my early knives so I did not have the knowledge of how to etch the steel for contrast. The delamination is not in the head as you were wondering about, but as you can see at the transition to the blade. I think the twist got it started. You should be able to forge the head without this problem if you do it hot. Also you do not need to have the blade exposed to high heat to work the head so that might help with the decarbonization issue. The less heats you use to forge the head the better as you get less scale, (it all has to be done hot so it stays together though) this will make the PW more visable, the problem is that you will not be grinding the head clean so the PW does not show up as it can on a nice clean blade.post-2097-0-52577500-1358923888_thumb.jp post-2097-0-64127900-1358923906_thumb.jp

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the general rule is if the damascus is set properly it should not be a problem. make sure your material mix is one that accepts twisting easily.

 you can sand blast the head to get more etch detail but the pattern has to be low layer and bold or it will be lost.

 keep on bashing...

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