Hello from centerl Va

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Hi all after a Half harted attempted at blacksmithing a few years ago I'm coming back around to metal work.  I was tasked with making a shawl pin to complement Christmas gift for a family member and it kinda snowballed from there.  So far its jest been copper wire & sheet forming but planing on moving in to steel plate.



Hear is some of my work so far.

shawl pins



kite pins



Magnetic Hematite & Bat Bracelet


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Welcome and thanks for the pictures.
There should be many members here from your genereal area.

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it is always good to see Virginia people on here. Our state is full of blacksmiths and opportunities to visit shops, take classes, attend guild meetings, and buy tooling.


The Central Virginia Blacksmiths Guild is near by....





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We meet once a month.


Yeah after looking at your pics, I am sorry you missed our January meeting. Our demonstrator showed us some of what he had been working on from Charles Lewton-Brain's book - Foldforming. He demonstrated some of the techniques. Very similar to what you have in your pics.


If you are interested in joining, email us at cvbgboard[at]gmail[dot]com

Include your mailing address because I am finishing up our first newsletter for the year. I will be happy to mail you an introductory copy.



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Made these wile figuring out how to use the lathe at work before i fixed it.

Rope splicing Fids:

Turned the taper on the Aluminum & stainless points, hammer & file on the brass.

the purple one started as a netting neadle


&bored out the ends



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