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Thanks to Frank Turley


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I just wanted to say Thanks to Frank for coming all the way out here to South Carolina and giving us a

three day class on some intermediate blacksmithing skills!

there were 19 people in the class and I think we were all honored to have him direct and teach us.

I really appreciated the stories you told during your demo Too, it kept the whole thing light and fun!

Frank, I wish i could afford to fly out to your school and take some more classes from you (maybe in the future) .

anyone who has a chance should definitely go!



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I have also enjoyed time with Frank. I watched a class he taught a while back and it was refreshing to hear and watch a guy so down to earth with such down to earth skills. No smoke and mirrors...just technique and reason to back it up.


I have seen A LOT of the top/most popular smiths work in demonstrations and classes over the past several years and Frank is in the top of his class. It is about the forging and not himself....a refreshing break from the norm these days.


I hope everyone gets a chance to watch him demo or take a class with him.

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I had taken a week long class from Frank a few years ago.  Loved every minute.  Frank is an encyclopedia of blacksmith history, technics, and skills.  I suggest everyone interested in Frank's School sign up this year as Frank is getting older, as we all are.  You will love it.  I felt like I was transported back in time and working in a old blacksmith shop with a Master Blacksmith.  

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Here in Utah, to say that “you have attended Frank’s school “is like having a badge that quickly speaks well about the quality your training background.

And it is all good.

I have never heard anything negative said about Franks School!


Frank always brings interesting points of view and supports I Forge Iron with his experience!

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