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My Grandfather's Anvil

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I recently have been getting into blacksmith work, or intend to once I finish my forge, and I have an anvil from my grandfather(deceased). I know nothing of the anvil besides that it is heavy. It has what looks like "Peter Wright", "England", "115" and a bunch of illegible markings. I'm sure it will treat me well, but is there anymore to know about it?

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If the numbers are where I think they are, below the Peter Wright and England, they indicate the weight in old hundredweights, quarters and pounds. That should indicate that your anvil weighs 1cwt (112lbs) 1qtr (28lbs) 5lbs. So, that gives a total weight of 145lbs.


There's a huge amount of info on Peter Wright anvils on the net, but you should be pleased that you've got an example of one of the best ever made! I expect there will be a degree of argument about that, but, nevertheless, you've got a good one!



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