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Anyone used one of these ?

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Hi, I live in France and these sort of hammers seem to be readily available for sale second hand at around 1000 to 1500 Euros (about 1200 to 1750 dollars). I have never seen one in action, or even up close, just seen them on internet auction sites.

Has anyone any experience in using one ?






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I witnessed one working in belgium but did not get a chance to play on it.

 I was not overly impressed , it did however go all the way from soft hits to hard hits .

 There is the adage that any power hammer is better than none and they are cheap enough often a lot less than 1000 euro  have a look on leboncoin  "le tyro" hammers often go as little as 500euro.

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Hi Phil,


Last summer I was in France for holiday and near our place there was a blacksmith shop, what a coincidence. They made most of their products using scrolls they had forged themselves combined with prefabricated stuff. I asked them if they forged their own tools, because their tongrack seemed a bit empty to me. He told me they didn't so I offered to forge them a pair of tongs they could use. The next morning I went overthere to forge the tongs but in stead of forging inside the shop, they took me to a shed somewhere on their property. There stood a springhammer just like the one on the foto and we forged a pair of tongs using the hammer. Though I prefer airhammers for their control, a springhammer is a nice hammer to be forge with aswell. The power of the hammer was good to control using the footpedal, all in all a nice hammer. I've added a link to my google-account where I've uploaded an album called France. There you can find pictures and a short movie of that kind of hammer in use. And for those of you who speak French, forgive me! I've tried speaking French and abviously did not succeed. Luckily for me my girlfriend speaks better French so she could act as a translator.


Link: http://bit.ly/V1MJE4





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