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Good morning I am looking for a Blacksmithing seminar or a blacksmith with time on his hand that would bring my skills up to par so I can teach my metal fabrication students an blacksmithing introductory class. I am a High School metal fabrication teacher and i am looking to implement an introduction class to my grade 11 students. I teach in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I would be available from July 17- August 20 2007. I don't mind to do a bit of traveling and to exchange my services (I can do various things from roofing, shingling, building and construction, etc.. ask and I will let you know if I can do it) for a chance to up my skills.

It would be great if you could post this for me in your forum.

You can contact me at these two e-mail


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Stephan, go to the members list and look up Jim G and MackayMountain.

Jim G is a working smith in Saskatchewan and MackayMountain is a working smith for the govt of Canada in Ontario, I believe.

You can PM them or send an email from their profile page.

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Contact the Calgary Chapter of the Western Canadian Blacksmith Guild. They have their own website, and if you can not contact any of them through those means, talk to the folks at the Calgary Stampede. Barring all of that, contact me and I can provide more avenues.

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