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Please help identify newly acquired anvil

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Need some help from you anvil experts out there. Just got a new anvil from a guy who got it off a farm. weighs about 190 pounds but no visible markings for $300. Face and edges look great with no sway. Hardy hole is pretty messed up and needs some work. No markings or numbers visible. I can make out some letters that look like NY on the side. Has hour glass shape on bottom. Rings like a bell and has good rebound.  I have the following questions if someone can please help since I am new to smithing.


1. Need help identifying it. Think It may be a Hay- Budden, maybe after 1908 because it doesn't seem to have a plate top?

2. Was that a good price or does the damaged hardy hole detract from the value?

3. What is the best way to repair the hardy hole? Can I just arc weld it and file it back to a square?


Thank you in advance for all your input. It is greatly appreciated!








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Nice looking anvil whatever it is I think the price was fair. If that were my anvil all I would do with that hardy hole is leave it alone. I would take a plate if steel maybe 3" square and cut the square hole in it. Just set that over the hardy before you put the tool in. I don't know how well that would work but it might be worth a try. That's just me tho.

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