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Portable shop trailer

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A thing of beauty, a genuine lineshaft trailer, blacksmith shop! Even more it shows these folk's ingenuity, to great effect.


I watched wishing the fellow on the camera was telling about how things worked and what was going on. It appeared to me the LG was slid back using an electric impact hammer and it slid back smooth as a milk shake and no sweat off anybody's brow. I really wish I got a good look at that mechanism, I'd incorporate it in a heart beat. Well, somewhere down the line but what a useful bit of engineering.


Thanks for the post. Do you have more?


Frosty The Lucky.

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That was certainly the most ingenious set up I have ever seen!  The line shaft is beautiful, and that hit/miss engine is far more pleasing to the ear than a modern generator.


Looks to me that there is a pulley at the front of the drop gate and the impact driver was turning a windlass that spooled up the line, pulling the LG forward into position where it was then through-bolted to the gate.  With all the flex in the foundation, the hammer would have to be very inefficient, but certainly good enough for general tinkering at a show.


Overall, very impressive.  I'd love to see more details.

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Micheal, The lineshaft drives the belt grinder, the powerhacksaw, the LG, and can be opted to run the postdrill though it isn't belted in, in the video.  A crossbelt allows it all to be run by the electric motor shown in the first part of the video, though it doesnt seem like a lot by modern standards, it takes alot of pulleys, belts, tensioners/clutching pulleys to accomplish this with a lineshaft. They left room to add more stuff in there. 

Frosty, The LG is slid front or back with an ordinary winch with cable coupled in a loop to a pulley on the edge of the tailgate.  Vaughn,   The entire gate lowers down and lifts up with an old hand pump hydralic pump, so the power hammer sitting on the steel gate is on the ground during operation, it does rock a bit in my observation, so not perfectly efficient, but works very well. 

Thanks everyone for your interest, the real credit goes to Jim and Lee who built the rig and have surprised thier fellow guild members several times now.  Some guild members persuaded me to write up an article on the shop trailer for submission to the Abanna publication, this video was shot by Pete Stanitis and shared with me for the article.  I have a few photos of the rig, but nothing better than the video presentation.  Hope to see the story printed this spring so the guys get some recognition for thier creation.



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