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Looking for a workshop

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Hi guys,


I live in Tampa FL and I live in a small apartment with nowhere to work with my metal. I am making small knives, and I've been looking for somewhere that I could rent for cheap to cut and grind my metal. Do you guys have any recommendations on where I could look? Has anyone here ever used a storage unit to work on stuff? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!



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I am too far away to offer you thoughts on where to find...However keep in mind that storage units may not have a couple of nice things for a shop,,,electricity and ventilation.

I made a knife for the knife chat using all hand tools. I did forge it but with hack saws and files etc it could be done as a stock removal.Of course if done that way you  would still have that pesky heat treat to deal with.....

If you wish,,look in knife forums for bladesmithing 101

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While I was in law school I rented a storage unit which had electricity available.  I did drag my forge outside the door.  I think that you would have fewer problems with the weather in Florida than I did in Laramie, Wyoming.


Mine was kind of a non-traditional storage unit which had originally been constructed as rental garages.  Make sure that you have an understanding (in writing, if possible) with the owner.


Also, you might look for rental garages.  My first shop was a garage on a residential property where a mobile home had been moved off.  That worked very well too.


Consider how far from your apartment the site is.  It's harder to get there and get motivated to get there if it is more than a few minutes from home.


Finally, be aware of security issues.  If security is sketchy try not to leave anything of much value and portability there.


Good luck.



George M.

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