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I Forge Iron

Middle TN newbie

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1) Name....Anthony
2) Location....Middle TN
3) What type blacksmithing do you do, what do you make.....I dont yet as I am acquiring the stuff to do it, but I hope to make tools at first to help me with everything else along the way. Right now I build AKs and cast lead though.

4) How and when did you get started in blacksmithing. 1994-98 (age 8-12) range before my grandpa died. He would spend the winter in Florida and Georgia messing with blacksmithing and hit and miss engines (Tea Grove Plantation was one destination). In the summers I would spend time with him while my dad worked and I got to try many things out in the garage. Still have a railroad tie he turned into a knife as I was trying to do so and he showed me how.

5) What object or thing did you use as your first anvil,.....A BIG anvil. not sure of brand. my dad still has it and Ill have to inspect it better next time I am there.

6) Tell us about your first forge, hole in the ground, camp fire, brake drum, stacked bricks,. Hand cranked forge with coal (also what Im going to build up as I have a blower so far).

7) Who assisted you or encouraged you in the craft...my grandpa on my dad's side
8) What event changed your attitude about blacksmithing...my uncle started messing with cast iron cookware and I wanted an anvil for beating on stuff. We have been going to antique shops and I am picking up stuff here and there to build up my shop, from there I decided to get back into this stuff.

9) What tool has changed or made your life easier in the shop. Off the blacksmithing topic, but got a good air compressor which will help greatly and a 12 ton hydraulic press which should both aid in my current projects.

10-12) dont quite apply yet.


As for other stuff, I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering, have worked on cars, motorcycles, guns, and about anything mechanical for years, love building AKs and computers. Recently have been working on home renovations for myself/wife and my uncle, so I am learning alot about carpentry (and woodworking since I also build a pan rack for my uncle). Since finding a job isnt going well for the area I decided to stay in, I am doing any kind of project that might make some spare money and its great asz I love building and learning about new things. Hopefully, once I get thins going I can use it to learn more, make some more money, and have some more fun.

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It was the questionare in the blacksmith interview sticky.


Im about half way between Nashville and Knoxville (Cookeville). My current projects aren't as much smith related as firearms, but if there is an appropriate area, I'd be happy to past on some of them. Im working on some barrel assemblies to build some egyptian AK kits, a yugo m70 underfolder, polish tantal, romanian g, and eventually my russian ak74u (krinkov) kit. Other projects currently include finishing crown molding, acquiring more tools (blacksmith and otherwise), and building a forge :)

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Thanks much Wayne. I might take you up on that someday when I'm less busy ;)

Edited to add: I see you are in between me and Oneida (my wife's family is there). Maybe sometime when she is visiting them I can have here drop me there for part of the day. I like any reason to learn and save money (in this case gas).

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