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Yet another anvil ID?

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I am very new to pretty much all of this. Years ago I did some blacksmithing with my grandfather and I am trying to get enough stuff to learn more/start again.
Anyway, I picked up a couple anvils recently and wanted to try to find out more about them. The first is larger and needs a little cleanup (barn find sold to me CHEAP). Has some good rebound but I just tapped it with a couple hammers to see as I dont know the proper rebound test procedure yet. High pitched ring from it too.
The second I bought today. Its something like 10-25 pounds (no scale but ill try to compare better soon too). Its small and had a thick layer of pale blue paint on it which chipped off with a tap from a hammer. It rings when struck while holding it but when on the bench has no rebound and just makes a thud...if that helps and I found no markings (also couldnt find one quite similar in pictures as it has a somewhat unique bottom).


Anyway, I figured I would have something to use and both seemed to be good deals ($60 for the big one and $24 for the small one). If anyone can ID or tell a real value, I would appreciate it.
So here are some pictures: (shown on a 12" tile)






The bigger one:







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I figured it wouldnt be too special, but its small enough for my bench top and maybe I can use it for some small parts work (my little vise has a small "anvil" but its so small it would probably be about useless). Plus the top is somewhat smooth on this little guy.


I updated the main post some with more info and pics.



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There's folks on this site that know a lot more about the history of anvil manufacturing than I do, but the fact that your big anvil doesn't have a pritchel hole leads me to believe that it is a very old anvil.  As McPherson said, early 1800's would be my guess.  I don't know enough about the different manufacturers to be able to tell who might have made it, other than the fact that it has a Mousehole look to it. It's actually in pretty incredible condition for being almost two centuries old.  It appears you have an ASO and a very cool piece of history on your hands.

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Generally in the States such anvils are often Mouseholes; but without markings it is improper to call them that as there were *dozens* of manufacturers in England making very similar anvils as they got their start working at the Mousehole forge and then branched out on their own.

I'd go with early 1800's too with the lack of a pritchel putting in the upper date limit and the good sized horn putting in the lower date limit.

So most likely a good 200 years old---USE IT! Make it feel welcomed and loved rather than discarded as old and useless!

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I hate to ask value but I like to know what things are generally worth (I am always watching for "deals"). So any $ value for each of these?


Also, I am TOO new to all this so Im probably going to ask some overly simple things in various threads (been researching and reasing old stuff but need more tutorial stickies).


The hardee hole is the square hole and is used primarily for additional tools...correct?

Pritchel? I assume round hole, but what is it for?


The holes in the front/back I assume is for carrying it somehow.


This is a general recommendation/request and I may post in other forums as well, but a diagram explaining different parts and uses would be awesome. In the anvil section for example, a sticky on anvil parts/pieces/terms/uses (ie hardee hole, pritchel, horn, face, etc...just to make it super simple for super newbies) and different common example anvil types would be awesome. For me specifically it helps me understand parts better and quicker and helps me watch for more equipment. Along with ID/tutorials, general pricing would be good too.

             I found several anvils at one local antique shop yesterday. One was a Peter Wright and from what I have read they are very good anvils. I am unsure of the size but I dont think its super large (I would guess ...probably poorly... 100-300 lb range...I didnt pick it up or even try to). For me it was out of my price range (as all the others were also)...all were $400+ and I think the PW was $600. I have no idea if these were good prices and I hate to use ebay for values, but it is how I have to try to figure approx. values on some tools I acquire.


If someone does take on this task, I thank you greatly. For those who may explain some of this in this thread, also thank you but a cool tutorial sticky would be AWESOME! (I ask because some of the firearms forums I use have many stickies for info for newbie to expert).

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To continue from the other thread on the info request....


I forgot the fun part about the library....xxxx school turned the main floor of the library into a coffee shop. they got rid of most of the cool old stuff (most books in fact are gone as computers are replacing everything). As for ILL, havent done it. Dont plan to. If there is a book that will be a great help, I will just try to buy a copy (wife still trying to figure out a christmas present for me anyway). I hate borrowing books because I like to crease pages, take notes, add stickies, etc. And driving across town to get it again would suck when I need to look something up again.

Not trying to sound like a Bhole or anything just thought a simple tutorial someone might spend an hour on could be really helpful. If someone with spare time felt like making a tutorial on something they had a vast knowledge of, it would be a great resource. But if you have any suggestions on books that will tell me about different hammers, tongs, etc that would be cool too (a general blacksmithing book may have some info but maybe newer data is available too....like a new design that replaces multiple old ones).

I am off to amazon to do some book research. Maybe I can find some stuff that would be good to have when I get some more $s.

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