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A couple of weeks ago I made a scroll jig, mainly for creating touching c-scrolls... apparently it can do other stuff as well :).

I made this trivet as a Christmas gift and I think it came out ok. I'm not 100% happy with the chunky collars though, but I used the stock I had around...

To help the assembly I tack welded the tree pieces together before adding the collars. To be totally true in regards to traditional joinery I should probably have added collars to the three touching parts in the center as well.


Forging and adding collars for the first time - check.


Stock used: 10mm square and 25x4mm for the collars.



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 To be totally true in regards to traditional joinery I should probably have added collars to the three touching parts in the center as well.


I think you are right. 


Guys who know will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that stability is dependent on three points of collaring for a scroll.


However the stout collars you have used will not permit the scrolls to wiggle free. Well, not next week at any rate...


I like your design.

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I like it!  The scrolls are very nice, but the upset feet really make it pop.  The collars don't look wrong to my eye.  I like that they are more blocky and plain because it contrasts with the softer, more feminine curves in the rest of the piece.

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Very nice piece, it's well proportioned, scroll tapers are smooth and uniform as are the scrolls. The upsets balance the tapers well and there's not one thing wrong with the collars. All in all it'd be something for a customer to brag on.


Well done.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi, and thanks again for the comments!


Made another one, more like a budget version really, which is welded on the back side only. I don't like arc-welds, but I do like the "planar" surface. Maybe I will try and rivet the next one :)





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Very nice - nicely sized scrolls. I like the upset feet on the first one. Might you try making your collars with a bit of shape to match the feet (they'll look like they belong) - a length wise fullering along a bar about the same width of the scrolls (or maybe 12mm) so that the center is thinner than the edges (use a large enough fuller so that the edges of the bar will be the thickest part - as if upset like the ends of the feet), then cut to length and form for collars. Boy, I hope I explained that clearly. -Charlie

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Might as well add mine here since it seems to apply. Here is my first go at a trivet. It turned out a little wonky, but it was a fun little project. Very different from other things I've done thus far. It's made from 1/4" x 1/2" bar stock.

IMG_0775.jpg.87c99ae925b17db466c0ea2708133062.jpg IMG_0772.thumb.jpg.4bb8d760ab673118aeb389fabcdf8f17.jpg

Looking back I definitely I did things out of order. I ended up fighting with the forge welds for the diamond more than I expected and the twists in the center turned out very uneven. Next time I would make those 4 pieces first and forge weld them together last. The way I did it resulted in a very unwieldy object at times.

Collars turned out okay. They were much harder to do on this guy than the practice ones I did on some scrap pieces. They are tight, but there is an air gap on the side where the bevels meet... Well where they are supposed to meet anyway. They also cover my tack welds up nicely :D


On the bright side it turned out pretty close to my initial sketch.


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Thank you, I'm going to make a hook of some sort for it. I figure It will look nice on the wall in the kitchen. It may need little silicone feet for under the collars before it get used though. Putting a cast iron pan with some sizzling good stuff on it as it stands may make it a little too hot for the table. Not sure yet.

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