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I Forge Iron

First few objects I have forged.


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Alright, I have been forging for a few weeks, and have worked with Charcoal, Anthracite coal, and more recently, Bituminous coal. Thanks to a local blacksmith in my area, I was able to take home ~375lb. of Coal, and boy it sure is a lot better! I have been working on repairing various tongs in my shop that I have recently acquired (making new rivets and re-bending/forging ends), and have made various tools to work my coal. I have made various nails and a few scrolls as well. To a close a friends' excitement, I also made a 3' rope gaff (Not pictured) out of 1/2" re-bar. All of these things have been fun, and I have learned quite a bit.


I have also learned that once friends and relatives find out you work a forge, there is all sorts of things they want you to make! In practice for these various things I have tried my hand and arrow heads and even practicing twisting and shaping RR spikes. From the left arrow point to that RR spike is the order in which they have been forged. I could fill quite a few pieces in between each, but alas, they are either too big to be pictured together, or have been given away already!






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Looks to be a good start. Socketed arrowheads are no mean feat. If you bill your spikes as letter openers you're far less likely to have negative reports. Of course if you start welding HC bits in spike knives they will actually be good knives.


It's always so good to see a new addict increasing in skills/dependence in the craft. <grin>


Frosty The Lucky.

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