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Some of my first knives


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hey guys if you didnt read my intro then im not going to introduse myself again. I would like to post some pictures of my knives but i know not how so if someone could plz explain to my the process of getting a picture on here then i would gladly share my first attempts at blade smithing. i belive that i have 3 lieing around some were that i could dig up.

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Try this:
Make a test post. Then below the box where you typed, scroll down and click on "manage attachments". Now browse and find the image on your computer, highlight it, and click open. When finished, click the upper "upload" button. You now must scroll up and slick "submit" as you normally to when making a post. This should place a thumbnail image below your post then when clicked, will enlarge.

The image on your computer should be less than a meg in size. Usually the size 640x480x72 dpi works well.

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You have the images in the IForgeIron Gallery so just right click on the image and copy the bottom URL from the pop up window. Then scroll down under your post box where you type in your forum post to "manage attachments" and use the lower single box to paste the URL and click the lower "upload" button. More photos? Get another URL and repeat the process. When your finished, click submit to post your message with photos attached.

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