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2 Candleholders, Ash Shovel and Hanger plus Tulip Hook

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All of the photos are camera phone shots and aren't the best quality.

This is a prototype hook.
A customer needs two of them to hang two trellis on the side of her stone home for tomato plants.


This is one of several colonial-styled candelholders I had made years ago and had the parts laying around the smithy.
Sold two of them this Fall.


This is my first attempt at creating something like this candelholder.
It is a Christmas gift and the future owner is a lord of the rings / medieval fan.
Not being that creative I had no clue what to do on short notice to measure up to the level of LOTR.

So I made the center shaft out of 5/8" sq to look like a spike. I roughly upset the head and added a rattail at the bottom.
The legs are from 1/2" sq and have an upset head on each with quarter-sized feet.
Curves for the legs were done with a scroll jig.
The legs were then mig welded to the upright and 1/4" rnd was used for the wrapping.

The arms are made from 3/8" sq.
Curves for the arms were made with an old cast iron floor drain.
1/4" rnd was used for that wrapping also.
All square stock had the sharp edges hammered down and light hammer marks were added throughout.
The drip cups were made from squares rather than round.
Can't remember the gauge or size right now and can get that if someone wants to know.
They were heated in the gasser and placed on a green/mengel swage block larger ladle depression.
A flatter was used to raise the corners while the square was being pushed into the ladle depression.

Butcher's Bowling Alley Wax was applied with a torch.
It's big but didn't look right in a smaller form.

I plan to shoot it in the studio later this week and will post a better shot later.

First try at an ash shovel with a green/mengel swage block and a wall mount hanger.
Next time I make the finial on the back a shovel I'm going to go over it with a brass brush for some contrast.
All metal waxed with Butcher's.


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