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I was researching a nearby farrier supply store, and they apparently sell farrier coal, which burns hot and fast as opposed to blacksmith coal which burns hot and slow. Could someone please clarify if that's correct or not? Seems pretty far-fetched, if you ask me.

Thank you,


Ridgeway Forge

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Coal comes from different seams all over the earth and has different chemical characteristics depending on type and location - but your description seems to be nothing more that someone's idea of creative marketing...


Is no such thing as "farrier coal"

Bituminous or "soft" coal usually in pea or nut size is best for use by Blacksmiths and Horse shoers.

Anthracite or "hard" coal is used to heat homes, run power plants, and other such things.

Horse shoers by and large are overwhelmingly using propane these days-especially those working out of trucks. Is a rare one that still uses coal out there.


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