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Little Cuties and a Hunter


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Thanks all for the comments. Much appreciated! The handle on the hunter is dyed and stabilized box elder w/buffalo horn. It's the first time I've used buffalo horn, and it's a little too soft for my liking. I would have used ebony otherwise. The client liked the piece and was happy to write a check today.  :)

Made me happy too!

I recently purchased some studio lights to document the blades and will try to post pics as time is available. I'm playing catch-up on pics.

Thanks again for looking.


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The feather pattern is a toughie for me. While I rarely have a problem forge welding a billet, for some reason, the feather doesn't always seem to stick, or has an inclusion. I cuss, swear, drink a single malt scotch or two, then start over...the next day or when time permits. Mostly, I work with the power hammer but try to 'set' the weld on the anvil with a hammer prior to going to the power hammer.

I don't know how the pros do it as I've never taken any blade smithing classes, but am thinking that maybe it's about time to do so. Being somewhat hard headed, (ask my wife :) ) almost everything I know about blacksmithing/blade smithing is from the school of hard knocks, and what I read on the web and going to hammerins.

Ok, for the more knowledgeable bladesmiths, can you please offer some tips on the feather pattern welding? (That before I drain a Scottish distillery)

Thanks in advance,


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