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geka iron worker

Larry H

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Google hit about 4,780 results (0.46 seconds)

Geka ironworkers is a good place to start. 


One cylinder universal ironworker with four work stations:

  • punching
  • notching
  • shear for flat bars shear L profiles
  • cutting of round and square bars
  • diseimagenes921a.jpg Patented L cut system at 90º without deformation. . Wide range of openings for B and A-cut without deformation. diseimagenes920a.jpg  
  • Goose neck die-holder for punching of D and E sections in legs and web. diseimagenes921a.jpg diseimagenes920a.jpg
  • Blade for flat bar with unique radial geometry for shearing with minimum deformation 
  • Rectangular notching equipment with precision machined worktable and scaled stops
  • Optional Blades for shearing D and E section up to 100 mm diseimagenes921a.jpg diseimagenes920a.jpg  

Possibility of mounting a wide range of optional equipment for notching and punching.

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yeah, thanks Glenn.....I can't seem to find technical info. The problem is the clearance  between the punch and die is a tight 1/4". Its supposed to punch 1/2" bar. I think there is monkey business afoot as other things in the shop were obviously  sabotaged. The so called "blacksmiths" have since been banned from this shop and I'm trying to get it back into a half way decent workable condition. They also took the locking nut for the chop saw blade and welded the saw together....among other things

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