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New to the art


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I guess I really can't even say I'm new but more like I want to learn the art. My grandfather (deceased) came to the US from Germany at age three and was a smith through the early 20th centery. Unfortunatly my father nor any of his siblings has his anvil or tools. I am learning from reading on the forum that patients is a necessery thing fro purchasing an anvil of quality. So I will be lurking on the interweb looking. Great forums, look foward to aqquiring knowledge from all of you.  Joe  :)

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Good Morning,


Welcome. There is no wrong time to start. The hardest part is saying to heck with it and just START.  Buy a few books (like the Blacksmith Primer) and learn. Make mistakes, learn from your mistakes.


An anvil can be any shape!! even a rock!!  A hammer can be any hammer, the one you have is best (could be a ball pein, carpenters hammer or whatever). Source of heat could be a wood fire, furnace fire, propane fire or a forge.


Enjoy, there is no end of learning!!

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