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Hello, My name is Beau


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Hello everyone,


  My name is Beau, I am from (up)Upstate New York in the Southern Adirondacks.. I'm married with a 6 mos old son. Avid adventurer, Backpacking,mountaineering, kayaking. Spent half my life thus far in Wyoming.  Took an interest in metal work out west, where I took an adult Boces course on machining and welding.. I loved MIG welding , started to get the hang of Stick welding (it was still ugly) and really struggled with TIG.  Played around with torches, and plasma cutters. I also had a lot of fun with the lathes.. he taught us how to grind out our own cutting tool bits, in fact he wouldn't let us use the lathe until we proved we could grind them out consistently.  we never got a chance to work with the Mills.  Ever since then I have wanted to get into smithing.  I never had the space until now. We recently bought a house. now I have a garage.. and plan to build a dedicated out building for a shop..now it's about saving the money. I am eager to pick everyone's brain.. and perhaps someday down the line i will be able to offer some knowledge to future newcomers..

see ya in the threads.



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 Hello Beau,

    I'm Gary (Adirondacker) I live in Thurman N.Y. and run a sawmill business and tree farm, I have for a number years been slowly building a welding, blacksmith shop. I wish I was better at taking pictures. I'm to the point of installing ceiling, picked up used 4x8 of 2" foam board, it has a paper facing so will use white barn paint and install with fender washers and 3" screws. Next will be the lights and modine heater, then maybe I can finally build a fire in the forge. I work at this project when its to nasty out to be in the woods or sawing. I mostly read on here, and for the most part find this forum friendly, but very informative. Check out Martin's Lumber thur the Town of Thurman web page, We host a open house in June and have different talented folks come and demonstate their crafts and skills, just lined up a friend of mine who restores old barns and will teach basic timber framing and Id different jointery. Its my hope to have the smith operational by them and enough skill to demonstate, we will see? We firmly believe in sharing information and passing on skills, as well picking up some business along the way. Kids are the best as they will ask a question an adult is dying to ask but is to shy, is a good icebreaker. I have shop work this morning so better get at.



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nice, I actually live not too far from ya...Gary... I bought a house in Corinth....

Originally from the Pottersville/ Schroon Lake Area

I would love to come check things out ... when I can manage the time..

Thanks for the tip Larry...I will check it out.


I appreciate the replies....

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