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I Forge Iron

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So I decided I wanted to mash on some metal the other day and decided to build myself a forge.

I started with the following parts, or rather I ran all over town figuring out how I was going to build this contraption.

(1) 4.5 gallon galvanized bucket
(1) ten dollar hair dryer
(1) 2"d 90° black iron elbow
(1) 2"d galvanized pipe cap
(1) 2"d x 12" long threaded pipe
(1) 2"d aluminum heat riser hose (auto store)
(I) bag sand
(1) bag Portland cement
Foil tape

I started by making a hole for the 90° in the center of the bucket. Once that was fit, I drilled "jets" in the pipe cap. I then fitted the two together. Next I screwed in the pipe and used some copper plumbers tape affix it to the bottom of the bucket.

After assembling the working parts of the forge I mixed up some dry pack, 5p sand 1p cement, and I firmly tamped it into a dish shape. I then let is sit overnight.

In the morning I was ambitious to fire up the forge even though it was still a little wet. I figured this shouldn't be an issue though being how porous drypack is. I connected the hose to the pipe with some foil tape and the attached the hose to the blow dryer. (I later found a lamp dimmer necessary to better control the blower, ymmv) I started a small fire and let it warm up a bit, then started adding coal and heating a piece of rod I had laying around. I think it will end up making a nice poker.

post-29552-0-16659400-1354999871_thumb.j post-29552-0-44080900-1354999911_thumb.j  post-29552-0-02888200-1354999970_thumb.j  post-29552-0-58278600-1355000004_thumb.j  post-29552-0-63648800-1355000049_thumb.j

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Good job! Welcome to IFI ! 


I would be amiss if I didn't warn you about a potential danger


 I would like to caution you about the use of a galvanized tub and any other parts that are galvanized and may come in contact with high temps.

Galvanized is basically zinc that has been adhered to the steel wash basin/bucket. Zinc is a heavy metal and when heated gives off poison fumes. Bad enough to kill you and anyone that breathes it in. Your parts may never get hot enough to burn off the zinc but there is that chance. This is not something that you can just avoid the smoke. 


Your design looks good and I am glad that you were able to heat and beat on some iron. Please don't let this warning cause you to lose heart in your blacksmithing adventures.


Mark <><


I am others will chime in with more exact info as to the evils of heavy metals.

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