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Huge bottom swage and other finds

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Pictured are several items I recently received from a fiend who was scrounging this stuff long before I became interested in smithing. The large 6 x 6 x 36 inch swage block and accompanying hammer came out of a Fitchburg Mass paper mill. With the two indentations it was clearly designed for a task specific purpose. Machinery crank shafts? collars? Etc? It shows evidence of having been machined with an iron planer on all sides so this was clearly a well finished and precise tool when new. It could still come it handy for straightening square bars or flat stock on its sides.



The roller was found in a Nelson New Hampshire barn cellar and is marked Kinsley I & M Co Canton Mass 3. It is slightly larger than those more commonly found by this manufacturer. The two six inch moveable rolls are unfortunately missing. The originals I believe are cast iron with steel or wrought iron pins cast into the ends.



The calking and bolt heading step vise is marked B B Noyes & Co Greenfield Mass and has jaws(one missing) for forging ¼ 5/16 & 3/8  bolt heads. There is an adjustable stop below the jaws for different length bolts.



Anyway ---  I love seeing photographs of others shops and finds and thought I’d share these.  









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