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Value of Wagon Wheel Shrinker

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Value is low except to collectors (which is a pretty slim market for those things) and to people making and re-tyring wagon wheels, again a slim market. Unfortunately most smiths have no need for such and item; it'd just be clutter in our shops. So look into people making/using wagon wheels.

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I have seen a few of these go up for auction over the years and they went for not much money, IIRC the highest price was below $200.    While they are interesting devices and linked to our proud history, they are both very heavy and difficult for most people to move, and a very task specific tool.  This very much limits demand for them.  If trying to sell one I would search out unusual tool collectors or museums.  


Since you are in Maine try contacting the Liberty Tool Co, they might be able to give you some advise.  http://www.libertytoolco.com

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