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Does anyone have a reference for Angelo Bartolucci's works?

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In Peter Parkinson's book: 'The Artist Blacksmith' there is a great image (p.67) where this Master Smith takes a piece of plate and forges a stem, two leaves and three flowers from it.  Internet searches only bring up this photo and two others.  It would be great to find more photos or information on his past works.  He did a demo in the U.S. back in 2000, but I can't find anything more about what he made.


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I know that a book of plates was prepared (I saw the original copy of approx 80 plates and it was beautiful, there's a plate showing how he took a piece of rectangular stock (I think 1/2 x 1 x 4) and forged it into a coffee creamer) and ready to go to printing, but there apparently was a disagreement between the family and the publisher so it's now in limbo, probably never to be published.

Funny you mention it because for the past couple of months I've been thinking about trying to contact the Bartolucci family (I have cousins from not too far away from where he is from) to see if there's any possibility to get this project going again.
I'd love to know if anyone else has any more info

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the NWBA's Hot Iron News Spring 2002 has the plates for the gladiola you've got there and a hummingbird that he deomonstrated at the ABANA and NWBA conferences when he was here. Go to the HIN archives section of the NWBA website.

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The Upper Midwest Blacksmith's Association (UMBA) sells DVD's of demos from various events, and cheap, too!


They list one Bartolucci down at the bottom of the page, JK3(?) maybe.


Note the .ning. in the web address. The old one without it is gone.



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Good Morning,


I remember him when he was demonstrating at the NWBA Conference. Very patient, very methodical, never asked for too much movement too fast. I have a bunch of pictures and some notes in my files. There will be what he built in the Archives of the NWBA. Ask Jack Slack, he manages the Archives.



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Artistica Ferro has made a little book with his works

i have it..

blacksmithing greatings



Artistica Ferro Di Ervas & C. (S.n.c.) - Preganziol

Nome: Artistica Ferro Di Ervas & C. (S.n.c.)
31022 Preganziol
0422 490454


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