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I've mostly heard these hammers called ''English cross peens'' or ''engineers cross peen'', which I spose would hold true for the strait peen on the right as well. The one on the left which is 1 LB I got at Portobello Rd in London for 3 quid in pristine condition, so much so I had to dress it even though I'm sure it's an antique. Makers stamp is shown.......The middle 1 1/2lb Ive had forever and have shaped more small scrolls with it than I care to remember. The 1 1/2 lb strait peen I just got for $3 at a thrift store.



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They look like Warrington hammers used mostly by woodworkers. The thin peen allows you to start a nail or brad, hopefully without hitting finger or thumb. I think they are nice looking, and I'm happy you can shape small scrolls handily with a Warrington.

Thanks Frank, The 1 1/2 lb has the cross blunted and it gets into a tight spot if I need to do a little correction inside a scroll , which has only happened once or twice over the years..... -_- .....The little one mainly gets used for light cold fitting.....I rarely use strait peens but for 3 bux what the heck....
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The two cross pein's styles were similar to those used by tinsmiths for edge work, and smaller ones being used by glaziers when pinning glass in prior to puttying,


 The straight pein similar to the cooper's hammer used for banding kegs and barrels,

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