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I Forge Iron

Forging my first Khukri

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Had a few hours in the forge hammering out a Khukri from a piece of old Land Rover leaf spring. This is what i have so far:


Filed out the notch:


This was at close of play last night, think I'd earned a drink at that stage!


Today, after a heat treat, brief tidy up and a sharpen we're here:


Hung some rope from a beam and cut through it, then chopped through a 4x2 with no problems, so I'm pleased so far!

Giving it a better tidy up at work tomorrow.

Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment good or bad. :)

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Planning cow or buffalo horn like on the current issue originals. Need to source a nice piece if i do that. Or, i may do it in some nice wood more along the lines of the WW 1-2 period knives... Decisions decisions!

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Well, after a good long while, i finally got around to putting a handle on this thing!   


 All over winter i used the blade for splitting kindling, so I'm happy it can take some use, but it Really needed a handle. I've been puzzling for months about how to do it, and i eventually decided i wanted to use antler.





 Wanted to do the handle in as near as xxxx the shape of an original, but in use the back of the handle on an original can dig in, especially as the handles are usually so small, so i decided the handle would be bigger, and slightly modified!









 And there it is, all over now bar the sheath!   :)

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Is that notch for The Rebels?

When you say "Rebels", do you mean Star Wars???

My 5 year old son said to me just 3 days ago, "Is that for the Star Wars good guys?" :-)

It wasn't done intentionally I can assure you, it was just meant to be a Fleur de lis! But it does bear a striking resemblance to the mark of the Rebel Alliance! :-)
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George Lucas may be sending you a letter, be sure to have “plausible deniability”! 


 I've got broad shoulders, but they can slope Rapidly when required!  :D


 Glad you all like it folks and thanks for your comments.   :)

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Thanks folks!

I used some very dense antler on the handle, did all of the roughing out and then sanded by hand through several different grits. Finished on 400 grit and then ran the handle over a polishing mop.

The denser the antler the better in my experience. For you guys in the US of A, try and source some Caribou. Reindeer over this way have very dense antler, don't see why Caribou wouldn't be the same.

My antler is Barasingha, an Indian/Asian swamp deer. I used it because it's dense, but also because it's likely to have been a material that was once available to the original Ghurka knife smiths. It's CITES listed now, but we have them in deer parks here in the UK, so mine was sourced legally, as in not poached from the wild.

Polishes up a treat as you can see!

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Great work. Not sure on how far up you want the sheath to go. I assume all the way to the handle. In that case I have seen wooden curved sheaths that have a simple design to them: Make your sheath out of 2 pieces of wood attached like that site that criminalhate had linked with one exception, cut in from the side (or top pending how you view it) so the knife doesn't have to slide out from the end but rather from the spine of the blade out..... this is hard to explain with out a picture. Cutting edge of the blade all slides in at once like you are cutting into the wood. Then that is held in with either leather straps or buckles or even cheaper setup is buttons. If this doesn't make sense let me know and I will see if I cant find an example of what I mean. I know I have something near that still packed up from my last move.

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