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I Forge Iron

Does anyone out there that can forge roosters?


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Try contacting Allen Kress...in the Alabama Forge Council. He did a demo with pipe and fullering. The demo was for a rat or gigantic mouse, however there exists some similarities in the drawing process.

This is not an easily described project and I am cetain the process will seem to be unobtainable...until you see what Allen Kress can do with hot metal.

I would be on that tomorrow morning myself if I wasn't banged up.

Good luck

Carry on

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Hello all. If you check out the NWBA newsletter, Hot Iron News (HIN) Spring 2002 issue (It's available as on the NWBA website), there's a storyboard of a demonstration done by a smith from Italy, Angelo Barrtolucci, on making a hummingbird out of one piece. It shouldn't be too tough to adapt it to a rooster.

btw- I also saw a collection of his storyboards that were going to be published at one time and one shows how to make a creamer (as in coffee and cream) out of a single piece of rectangular stock...amazing

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Have made Peacocks, Swans and elephants using same technique as for a rams head/animal head and so this should work for a rooster.


Its just a case of isolating and developing the metal where you need it.


Here are a few pics of different head styles so you can see how the splitting was developed by spreading for ears or drawing for horns.


post-816-0-96252200-1355245879_thumb.jpg  post-816-0-42798000-1355245829_thumb.jpg  post-816-0-81352000-1355245902_thumb.jpg


The "nose" area on the ramshead can be drawn out for a neck/head or trunk, 


post-816-0-45531100-1355245746_thumb.jpg post-816-0-58454200-1355245725_thumb.jpg 


Work it to how you want, then cut off for the body/legs/tail and work them


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