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finishing and testing my first self-forged draw knife

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Hey Fellows!

Me finishing and testing the first draw knife I forged yet. It is handforged from C60 (AKA 1060) tool steel, water hardened and gradually tempered from the spine. Yet it services me well :-).


- Daniel

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Well done. I like the short handles. Most come with a long handle that is mostly in the way.

Are you going to make a shaving horse? In German I think it is called a "dummkopf" bench. It is amazing how fast and accurate you can be with a drawknife and shaving horse.
Thank you! I´d love to either have a shaving horse, or a workbench suitable for work with bench pins, but I absolutelly lack of space for that! I am glad to have such a well equippen blacksmith´s shop in my garden and that little workshop in our basement. As soon as I have a larger workshop eg. in a barn or so I will also built up a carpentry corner where a shaving horse and/or a propper carpentry workbench will definatelly be put in!
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