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I have just recently gotten the Blacksmithing Bug, and I was wondering what all you guys thought of my attempt/idea for a forge. For the Forge/Smelter/Fire Box I plan on using an old Cole Heated Water Heater

post-28973-0-15197800-1353897067_thumb.j post-28973-0-44735200-1353897242_thumb.j
it is cast iron, has a swinging grate for ash, and is about the same size around as a brake drum (which was my first idea for the forge). For a blower I have an 1880's cast iron blower, the Buffalo Blower #3 that needs a LOT of TLC

but will be well worth it once its finished.

The reason I am using these things is because they were FREE (best price) my in-laws had them rotting away in their garden as decoration. Next best part is, I got a 125# anvil and a number of other blacksmith (or so I think) tools. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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The forge looks way oversized compared to the blower and if used with the top on severely limiting as to size and shape of the items to be worked in it. With the top off you could infill substantially with fireclay and shape a decent 'forge pot" in it---but why go to all that effort when you could use the same fireclay to shape a forge pot in a lighter system?

In other words: I think you could do better easier with a different starting point.

Forges are pretty simple---I've forge pattern welded billets using a hole in the ground and charcoal from a wood fire near by.

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