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newbe from new zealand


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Hi ladies and gentlemen,i am a panelbeater with over 40 years in the trade. I originally wanted to do blacksmithing after i came out of my time panelbeating and applied at the local railway workshops for an adult apprenticeship,but was told that blacksmithing was on the way out !!.

I really love shaping hot metal and welding and am interested in armour and blade smithing.

After working at a local coalmine in the late 70s i aquired the blacksmith shop such as it was when the mine closed,i set up what i could save of the shop at home and after bumling around not knowing what i was doing(no interest from any one to show me or books available at that time) i sold it all up and boy have i kicked myself since!.

I restored British motorcycles until recently and sold the last one a few years ago and have been discovering blacksmithing on the internet and library. I have been a visitor on this site regular of late and find the topics worthy of learning,we have to keep our brains learning and bodies active to enjoy life!

I live near Dunedin in the south of New Zealand with my partner Joan and two dogs,children have left to do their own thing now,well thats it about me for now cheers Ken Hughes.

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Thanks guys,yes panelbeating is for autos,though i think the art goes way back to tin smiths/armour and such like.
Restoring motorcycles,well i must say that the chroming got too expensive to do, and i have lost my nerve riding and did not want to become another road statistic,the last run i went on i forgot about two corners that i knew were there and nearly come to grief.
That was time to give it up!.
Much safer at the forge.

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