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How To Mount a Post Vice?

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Post vises come in differing heights too.  Unfortunately buying them used we don't usually have the option of just ordering the height we want.  The 6" post vise near my forge has an apron of 4"x4"s around it to make hammering on stuff a bit easier. The postvises on my workbenches are just at their "normal" height.

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Thanks fellas,

I didn't think it would be too good for heavy work but I'm not doing any heavy work currently. About one inch bar stock is the largest I've worked with.  The most hammering it would have to absorb is maybe some fulluring, light twisting, and filing small pieces in the vise. The stump I have isn't very stable for twisting. I was thinking about sinking it into the ground but that makes it stationary and the landlord would rather it not be permanent but able to be packed up. 



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I've mentioned using one of the portable fold up steel saw horses to hold a travel postvise.  I use a RR track plate under the acorn and can hammer pretty well. Bending and twisting is a bit more iffy though help from friends can get you through some good sized work.

It was widened by a previous owner who welded sq tubing on each side of the saw horse face and I had to stack a couple of 2x8 pieces to bring the face up to the correct height for the mounting bracket---held on with carriage bolts and wing nuts for easy demounting.

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