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New pile of bricks forge


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I am in the process of building a forge. I have a single burner at the moment. I got my burner from here http://www.devil-forge.com/burners/DFP%20-%20burner.htm. I will probably add a second burner with ball valves so I can choose to run only one if I want. The body is made from a pile of bricks with insulation bricks and heavy bricks on the floor. I have only had one test with the burner side mounted. I didn't have long to play but my steel was not getting up to forge welding temp. The regulator I have is 0-4 bar and the burner is only rated to about 1.75 bar so I didn't open the regulator all the way - there is no gauge on it. One change I will make is to replace the regulator with one that has a gauge and tops out at 2 bar. I have borrowed the regulator from something else anyway. What is likely if the pressure is too high? Will it just burn rich?

So a couple of newbie questions? Coating the bricks with something like ITC 100 should help but I can't find this or similar in the UK. Any ideas on a suitable product with a distributor in the UK willing to provide low quantities? Also, how far does this stuff go, will I need multiple coats etc? Presumably having the steel directly in the flame jet will help get it to welding temp. for this I could try angling the burner from the side or go in from the top. At the moment the jet is horizontal and an inch over the steel. Alternatively I could add another thin brick to raise the steel a bit? Any suggestions?

I know this might be hard to visualize so will try and get some photos at the weekend.

Also picking up an anvil at the weekend (well, one and 3/4 anvils really, one has a broken heal but was very cheap). I think I have a steep leaning curve ahead.... I won't be trying forge welding straight away, I am starting at the beginning so need to learn to walk first. Oh, my first project is not a sword :) In fact I don't think I will ever want to make a sword....


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