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Pic of a new 'w' pattern


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Thanks for the kind words. The handle is dyed and stabilized maple burl that was purchased at a Longview, WA blade show. Can't remember the seller, but he was out of Vancouver,WA.

Don: I showed him a santoku. His comments were to profile the blade so the last third near the heel was flat to facilitate the cut as opposed to having to "rock" the cut. Also, although I thought the blade was thin, he recommended making it even thinner. As he said,"you're only chopping vegetables". Good point considering scrambled eggs are about as good as it gets for me. :)

My only regret is that living on the n. OR coast, there are very few resources within several hundred miles to get info/feedback. So, it's you guys and the school of hard knocks. Thanks for the help.

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That santoku was sold a few weeks after the conference, so I can't measure it. It was also the blade that he suggested I change the heel profile to make it a better chopper. It seemed thin to me. I'll try to get a measurement on the blade just posted before it too goes away.
The knife shop across the street sold two blades of mine today. One, a damascus chef knife that I have no recollection or photos of...shame on me...I will get better at documentation, and the other was a neck knife...again, no photos. I really need to get more serious about this for marketing. I seem to get caught up in the fun of making blades and tend to ignore the potential of advertising.
This from one who photographed advertising for a living for 15+ yrs.

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Very nice John, I really like the "w" pattern and the handle goes very well.
In my opinion it can't be too thin. typically these knives are not used to chop through bone, so the thinner the knife the less resistance.
Maybe I'll try to take some measurements on a couple for comparison.

Again beautiful knife.

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