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I think that Centaur Forge, Blacksmith Depot, and Pieh Tool all carry it. Use their Search and spell it, EZ. For years, I've been using it on top of melted glazed borax, as it sticks to the borax. I do this for various lap welds: straight, angle, tee, etc., and I think it helps. I don't use it for fagot welds and especially not on pattern welding. It contains iron filings and powder which will screw up the pattern. It's made by the Anti Borax Company, but that is only because in the early days, they wanted the smith to become dependent on EZ or Climax or Cherry Heat, so that they would not buy borax anymore.

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Have you tried "Iron Mountain" welding flux? You can stick a weld at a red heat with one blow and then finish the weld at a welding heat as normal. Amazing stuff. You can purchase it from Brian Brazeal in Miss. Can't remember where he gets it. Much easier than EZ flux, (I have both and much prefer "Iron Mountain") but it has iron powder in it so you don't want to use in an open pattern weld as Mr. Turley states.

Brian Brazeal is a member here on IFI and may weigh in on this thread. You can contact him thru a PM.

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