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10 reasons NOT to come to australia


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Well rattlesnake can be rather tasty if fixed correctly. I prefer grilled to let some of the grease drip off...

I would think dingos would be rather gamey unless they were *baby* dingos being eaten...

I got a set of twin grandkids that I think could chow down on a dingo---they will be 4 years old next spring and I think their Father is considering getting them "Baby's first fully automatic rifle" as a birthday present...

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my youngens have a motto if they can catch it they eat it it they cant they shoot it then eat it ( yes they own guns several of them ) they are 7 yrs and 15 yrs old they have had them as of birth and get a new one almost each year with a new knife also .

as for the Sharks my 15 yr old is studding to be a Marine Biologist and is now in advance classes for MB and is only in the 10 th grade as for my 7 yr old she is doing dancing .


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