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hydraulic press or power hammer

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For general forging I'd say powerhammer because I've never seen anyone have enough time to say, draw a long taper on a press

But as has been said they both do very different things, maybe think of it more as which are you going to get first. Where I'd still say powerhammer because I think it'd be able to make its money back and turn a profit faster. Imo :)
Hope this helped

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In one corner you have the power hammer, like the anyang.


These have the power to move the metal fast and efficiently. They get the job done, and have worked for hundreds of years. Relatively maintenance if they are taken care of and oiled properly. I would also wager that a power hammer would have a longer life time than a home built press.

They have their limitations when it comes to control. If a large hammer (> 200 lb. ram weight) is to be installed, a large foundation is usually required. If the unlikely were to happen, I would assume that the repairs would take a specialist with specific tools and parts that may or may not be hard to come by. This is all the case if you can dish out the money.

In the other corner there is the hydraulic press, like many of the homemade models that are used in blacksmith shops and by bladesmiths.

Reading about this I found this quote from the thread

http://www.iforgeiro...ydraulic +press

Randy stated, "If I had to start all over again from scratch, knowing what I do now I think I would get a press instead of a power hammer."


These can be built in shop with readily available components. Maintenance would be easier than on a power hammer. The controlability is infinite. This is all available for a fraction of the cost of a power hammer.


The press is inherently slower, but it is still faster than drawing large stock by hand. The safety issue comes up, but most of these issues can be avoided with precautions and using ones heads (guards covering the hoses and hydraulic components from hot metal and scale, using a "less flammable" marine grade hydraulic fluid, common sense safe practices, ect.)

Are my arguments valid, or do I assume to much. This is a very big debate I have going on in my head right now.
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