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Steel Repousse

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This is probably a dumb question but. Is it possable to repouse steel. I have an idea for a project and I want to know if it is possable. I just bought a 1979 AMC Spirit and want to do some raising on the body pannels. To the best of my knowladge they are steel Im doing some research to find out exactly what kind right now. Just though id ask. Thanks

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ILL a copy of ""Heroic Armor of the Italian Renaissance: Filippo Negroli and His Contemporaries"
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N. Y.), Leydi, Silvio, Godoy, Jose-A, Negroli, Filippo, Pyhrr, Stuart W.
ISBN 0870998722 / 0-87099-872-2

Not only will it blow you away bigtime if you read it they were doing repousse in medium carbon steel!

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You will need to be careful working with the panels if they are 18,20 or 22 gauge steel. That thin you will not be able to raise/sink the domes very much without breaking through. Also when you do raise/sink the work area research how this is done. Avoid stretching the center of the area because you want to keep the metal as thick as possble. Anneal often.Here is some work in 14 gauge. The sinking to create the dome is done hot. The rest of the actuall chasing and respousse is done cold using standard techniques but obviously takes a little more force to get results. We used modelers clay (plasticine) as a pitch on these two.GoogleErnie Dorrill







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Here's an article on the steel used by the Negrolis (Note Dr Alan Williams is probably the foremost authority on the metallurgy of renaissance armour in the world! His great work "The Knight and the Blast Furnace" is pretty much the best modern research on the topic.) www.metmuseum.org/pubs/journals/1/pdf/1513048.pdf.bannered.pdf

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