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Cold Forging

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I think Hitler was the last guy to consider Russians wimpy! Worked out not so good for him! Really though they do not look uncomfortable... and likely they are not... recent research has shown that our bodies are remarkably adaptable to climatic variations. Hard for a native Idahoan like me to ever be comfortable in a Saint Louis summer... but the winters here are pretty soft!

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Good stuff. I lived in Russia for a stretch and was impressed by the hardiness of the ice fisherman there. You would see them out on the ice, with a gale whipping snow across at 30 below, sitting on a bucket huddled under a full-body plastic bag for wind protection. And they'd stay out half the night - you'd see the lights out on the river.

Of course the bottle of vodka beside each man's bucket contributed to the weatherproofing...

They also are very proud of what they term "walrusing" or cutting holes in the ice for winter swimming.

Quite the place, I've no doubt their blacksmiths are a hardy bunch.

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