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I Forge Iron

My first attempt at knife making.


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I've used your etching method with wonderful results. I made my rig from an unused motorcycle trickle charger, and I used fingernail polish as a resist. just paint it on, scratch off the pattern and the rest is the same.  I have not settled on my mark as of yet, but I have a few knives that are in need of one.


keep us posted, so far good work, can;t wait to see more.

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Not real happy with the final results but it'll do. I think I'll try and remake this one and implement the things I've learned not to do and be a bit more careful with the belt sander on that leather and red cedar handle. It's only sanded to 400 grit and finished with a few coats of boiled linseed oil. it's comfortable to hold and it keeps an edge fairly well and chops like a champ but it sure aint too pretty. Maybe I'll be able to make it better next time.post-24499-0-22542500-1360646209_thumb.jpost-24499-0-89475000-1360646217_thumb.jpost-24499-0-49279800-1360646225_thumb.j

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